Education 2.0 – A new way forward

The most pivotal teacher in our lives is time. As past, it helps us learn crucial lessons and as future it helps us prepare. One of the most interesting qualities of this teacher is that it changes faster than we expect. What will be 15 years later would be exponentially different from what is today. And during this time, we are poised to see the biggest transition any generation has ever seen. Humanity and intelligence will need a new mindset and new competencies. A new approach, because the world has new challenges which need fresh solutions. And the ones who will provide these would be our children.

So, it’s needless to say that the harbingers of tomorrow need to hone their skills and renew their mindsets, today. More importantly, they need a new education platform. And we call it Education 2.0

Education 2.0 is not just a new term; it is a process of looking at our education system through a new lens. It is a process that goes beyond mere intelligent learning to intuitive and collective learning. Where empirical knowledge is a base for flexible thinking, shaping a global community of students who know how to work together to create a more sustainable and inclusive world.

Education 2.0 focuses on collaboration between students and teachers. Understanding the skillset and mindset of an individual student, we help channelize their strengths to suggest a direction that is best suited for them. Learning how to learn; freedom and flexibility in one’s learnings; synchronous and asynchronous learning; instilling ownership and responsibility; unstructured problem solving; resilience; building team spirit; VUCA thinking (quick adaptation to everchanging situations); making innovative connections across subjects; design thinking; strong and sustainable mental health; regulated emotions; happiness quotient; pursuing one’s passion, are just a few illustrations of how Education 2.0 is both academic and pragmatic in its approach.

While our vision is squarely focused on the future, we never stop ourselves from imbibing our past as well. Because that is where we learn our values and ethics from. We pride ourselves in creating a perfect balance of modernity and traditions. And our principles are based on five pillars of Learn, Work, Play, Think so that each of our students can LIVE a wholesome life.

So, while time is the best teacher, we try to be the best pupil. We cannot give anything more than 86,400 seconds per day to our students, but we prepare them in such a way that they can maximize each day of their lives to the fullest and live a lifestyle of learning.